White Solar Powered Floodlight From Smarthome
Jun 8th, 2009 by admin

White Solar Powered Floodlight

White Solar Powered Floodlight From Smarthome

White Solar Powered Floodlight From Smarthome

Product Description

Adding safety measures to your home doesn’t have to involve expensive installations and a hefty increase in your electric bill. Keep your home safe using the sun’s free solar energy by setting up the Solar-Powered Floodlight. This motion-sensing light is triggered when you enter its 23-foot range, so it can light your way without staying on all night. The Solar-Powered Floodlight is powered by the pre-installed rechargeable battery, so you won’t need to replace batteries constantly, and it will even work during power outages. There’s no electricity needed to power the Solar-Powered Floodlight. With no wires to run, you can install this solar light in minutes. A 14-foot cable between the solar panel and the light lets you place the security light where you need it while allowing the solar panel to be installed facing the sun. This solar light will even work in cloudy weather, up to two weeks without any sunlight! A built-in photocell lets the Solar-Powered Floodlight know when it’s dark, so it won’t waste battery and bulb life by burning during daylight hours. You can adjust the light sensitivity if you desire. Additional features include adjustable motion sensitivity and adjustable length of light time.

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